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We feel so lucky to have found Gloria (a.k.a. in our family as the child whisperer) and the amazing teachers and enrichment contributors at the Walther School. Our daughter has simply blossomed there– emotionally, socially and developmentally– and as a result she loves learning and going to school. The wonderful community of great kids and parents at the Walther school is also unique and something we will cherish and maintain as the years pass. -Jennifer & Rudy van Zyl

Gloria’s feelings for the kids run so deep and it seems that she treats every one of them with equal amount of love. It is always a joy to be around her with or without your child. I wish she could always be in our life. This school is the only place I have ever been where I am leaving every day feeling inspired somehow. I love this school so much and feel so lucky that Maya got to spend so much time with these amazing people, and their skills and experiences will stay with her forever.  -Christina Nickerson

Gloria has been a guiding light for our family! With her extensive knowledge and giant heart, Gloria has created a magical space for both child and family. Each day at the Walther School is filled with nurturing and enriching experiences, both physically and emotionally. Our daughter has blossomed at the Walther School!   -Lisa Brenner

Helmed by the extraordinary Gloria Walther, The Walther School is more than just a preschool; it’s a nurturing community of exceptional teachers and devoted families. Being a part of the “Walther Experience” has been as magical for us as it has been for our son, Theo! -Blair & Brian Paeper

There are not enough superlatives that adequately express all the jewels that are The Walther School. Gloria is a force of delight and wisdom, instilling in all the children the love of learning and profound social development. I see the teachers at The Walther School as a finely tuned rock band, Gloria as the great lead singer, on rhythm guitar Zilda and Brenda on drums… Gloria has created an environment in which there is an enormous amount of school pride, the interesting part of that is that it is coming from the parents. -Breck Costin

The Walther School community is a very special group of committed and thoughtful parents and children. Our family feels truly blessed to be a part of this community, it is such a special part of our lives. Gloria is a gifted teacher; she is kind, intuitive and an invaluable resource. Our truly fantastic teachers Brenda, Laryl & Zilda are nurturing, caring, thoughtful and smart. I know that my children will carry the life skills they have acquired at The Walther School with them throughout their lives and that it will always hold a spacial place in their hearts. - Jennifer Costin