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The Walther School’s goal is to help children become responsible, respectful individuals who love and value themselves, demonstrate a true concern for others, have strong communication skills and love to learn.

Motivated children learn through a highly evolved sense of curiosity. We encourage children to become lifelong learners.

The Walther School provides a wide range of multi-faceted opportunities for children to become deeply engaged and to focus for long periods of time. Self-directed children stay with a task to its completion.

Our program promotes honest talk and sensitive listening. We are responsive to the “teachable moment” and place no ceiling on discovery. Students learn through individual choice and interest, experiencing the world with their imagination. The program sets clear limits allowing great freedom within these limits. We address consequences, not punishments. Important issues concerning safety solutions and problem-solving are part of our daily curriculum. The Walther School has no predetermined notions of who any child should become, and we value the entire process, not merely the product.