Walther School

The Walther School Enrichment Program provides our children with a wide variety of supplemental programming throughout the school year, which enhances the school experience.

Our Enrichment Program is supported entirely by funds raised by the PTA. Some of the enrichment programs occur weekly, such as gardening with Lauri on Mondays, music with Stephen and Carole on Tuesdays, and yoga with Amy on Fridays while other programs happen monthly, like art week with Marilyn. A few programs happen intermittently throughout the year, for example, a visit from The Animal Guys – Wildlife Learning Center who bring in exotic animals for show and tell, and the many musical guests who come play for the children. (Professional harpists, drummers, violinists, and flutists, among others, have visited.)

The Enrichment Program team also coordinates annual field trips to the Underwood Farms Pumpkin Patch, the spring whale watching boat trip in Redondo Beach, and the always-exquisite trip to the Palos Verdes tide pools.